Brown Is The New Neutral

We are avid readers of
and are delighted to see today that
"Brown Is The New Neutral", "Love it or
hate it, brown is making its way back
into interiors as a warmer alternative to the
grey tones that have dominated
our homes for the last few years."

At Tile Hunter we have a wide selection of tiles
available to suit all tastes and budgets and are
always pleased to assist with selections. 

Our range includes products in cream, beige,
mocha, taupe, flax, sandstone,
limestone, noce, nut and putty tiles.

All of which are: 



Any of a group of colors between red and yellow 
in hue that are medium to low in lightness 
and low to moderate insaturation.
11. Blend_cream_porcelain_Shot_4.jpg